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8th Grade Science, Health Class & Rocketry
Instructor: Mr. Gavrilovic   

Welcome to Mr. Gavrilovic’s science website!

Science in Mr. Gavrilovic’s classes are taught using a variety of methods.

Students learn the proper way to read a science textbook by previewing the text through the diagram captions and the headings, focusing on new vocabulary words and developing their own notes by using a modified version of the Cornell note-taking system to identify the important facts as they read.

Students conduct hands-on lab activities that reinforce the major concepts taught in class. They use the scientific method to develop testable experiments, create research-based claims known as a hypotheses, conduct the experiments, collect and organize the data that becomes the evidence supporting or debunking their claims, and create a final conclusion based on the evidence that was collected.

Students complete meaningful projects that touch on current events, which connect to the concepts taught in class. Most projects are technology based where students use current presentation media and the Smartboard to showcase their creativity and knowledge.

Students learn about the history of science, looking back at the origins of the major concepts taught in class and focusing on the cultures and scientists that played a major role in the development of knowledge.

About Mr. Gavrilovic -

I have been teaching science since 1993. My undergraduate work was completed at National-Louis University and my graduate work was completed at DePaul University with an emphasis on curriculum and administration. I enjoy spending my days teaching the children at Bannockburn and am proud of the learning that takes place in my classroom.

When teaching students in a class with a wide range of skills and abilities, I always use differentiated instruction. I give students multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas. I remain flexible in my approach to teaching and adjust the curriculum and presentation of information to learners rather than expecting my students to modify themselves for the curriculum. My instructional approaches vary and I adapt to individual and diverse students in my classroom. I establish a specific, well thought out match between abilities, interests, needs, and curriculum opportunities in terms of enrichment and acceleration options that maximize learning experiences.

The 8th Grade Curriculum - 8th graders learn about ecology and the local environment by visiting and examining the health of a pond and a lake. They spend a significant part of the year learning about matter and chemistry. Their year ends with an intensive research project on alternative energy.


Rocketry Class – This class provides students with many opportunities to examine early rockets, learn about rocket science and mathematics and what rocket scientists do. They will see videos of events and technologies many of us grew up with - Sputnik, Apollo and the Moon, and the space shuttle to name a few. Students will conduct a wealth of dynamic rocket science classroom activities that focus on Sir Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and how they apply to rockets.  They incorporate cooperative learning, problem solving, critical thinking, and hands-on involvement.  They support national and state standards for science, mathematics, and technology across many grade levels.

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